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Ceramic Coating
After Care Guide

Enroll in Dirty Burd's Ceramic Coating Maintenance Program

Do not park under trees

During the first 2-3 weeks of the curing process, avoid parking under any trees. Sap, leaves, and pollen from trees produce a viscous liquid that corrodes the paint of a car as can disrupt the ceramic's chemical bond.

Clean bird droppings

Ensure you clean off any bird droppings on your vehicle. The coating will prevent containment spots better than your vehicle's previous clear coat but it is not bullet proof.

No Car Washes

Car washes in general are not the best idea for a vehicle that has been ceramic coated. We get into this more below. During the first 2 - 3 weeks do not bring your vehicle through any car wash. This can abrade the paint and disturb the chemical bond of the ceramic coating.

Curing Process

A new ceramic coating will take about 2 - 3 weeks to cure to its full strength. During this time the ceramic coating is creating a chemical bond with your vehicle's paint. This is what makes the ceramic coating different than just applying wax. Conditions such as humidity and temperature can affect this timeline. 

Below is a list of precautions to take during this time. 

Continued Maintenance

After the ceramic coating has fully cured, there are still a few "do's and dont's" to abide by to get the most out of your investment.


Touchless car wash is okay

Hand washing at home (see below)


Don't go to an automatic car wash!!!

Don't apply wax or polish

Don't wash in the sun

Don't wash with abrasive towels

Products You'll Need

Your new ceramic coating is extremely slick, this means most things will dissolve and be pulled off by the ceramic coating's self-cleaning effect. Minimizing rubbing, (especially with a dry towel) on the coating will ensure its longevity. Use Ceramic Pro Cleaner to remove bird droppings, bugs, and tree sap. Followed by wiping it off with a soft edge-less microfiber towel.

We recommend using Swag Detailers' products below. 

Washing Schedule

For best results, the car should be washed on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to avoid excessive contamination build-up. This can vary based on vehicle usage and geography. 

Washing Methods

If you decide to buy local products to wash your vehicle, use only recommended mild soaps and avoid high PH detergent-style cleaners. These will erode your ceramic coating. Additionally, you want to avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaking and water spotting.

Washing at Home

Dirty Burd Detailing offers a Post Ceramic Maintenance Program to keep your vehicle looking new and to ensure your investment is long-lasting. To learn more about our maintenance program click here.

However, if you are more a "do it yourselfer" below are some recommendations on maintaining your ceramic coating.

Dirty Burd's Ceramic Coating Maintenance Program

Post Ceramic Maintenance Program

If properly maintained your ceramic coating can last the lifetime of your vehicle. However, if not properly maintained, the benefits of your ceramic coating can fully dissipate after the first year. For this reason, Dirty Burd offers a monthly cleaning program as well as an annual re-application of your ceramic coating.

Concierge Burd Bath McGrath

Monthly Wash

The type of cleaning supplies, chemicals used and method of washing are all important factors to the maintenance of your ceramic coating. In this offering, Dirty Burd will arrange a monthly hand wash and hand dry of your vehicle using materials approved for vehicles with a ceramic coating.

Annual Inspection / Reapplication

Annual inspections are the recommended process for ensuring the coating is maintained and care for the vehicle is properly executed. During this process, the technician spot checks the vehicle for areas where the ceramic coating has been eroded and then reapplies the ceramic.

Package 1


Per Month

- Monthly Wash
Note: The annual inspection / reapplication is waived each year for customers who are signed up for the monthly wash

Package 2


Per Year

Annual Inspection / Reapplication 

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