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What's Included

The Dirty Burd is our full detail package covering the interior and exterior. Our exterior detailing process produces a deeper clean and shine that the ordinary car wash cannot replicate. Coupling this with a thorough santization and shampoo to the interior, your car should look like you just drove it off the lot. The Dirty Burd package can take up to 4 hours to complete and ranges from $200 - $290 depending on vehicle size.

- Full Vacuum + Trunk
- Door Jams
- Deep Clean + Shampoo - Carpets
- Leather Cleaning + Conditioning
- Interior Windows + Sunroof
-Vinyl + Plastic
- Steam Wash + Hand Dry
- 90 Day Wax
-Wheel Wells + Rims + Tires
- Exterior Windows + Sunroof
- Exterior Trim Shine

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