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Semi Truck Detailing
in Rochester, NY

Since its inception, semi-truck detailing has been a popular service provided by Dirty Burd Detailing. Due to their size, it is often not possible to bring your semi-trucks to a separate location for detailing services. As a strictly mobile detailing company, Dirty Burd Detailing has been a perfect fit for semi-truck customers looking for an affordable way to detail and sanitize their fleet vehicles.

Dirty Burd Detailing is local Rochester-based, family-run business.

Experience & Understanding

Dirty Burd Detailing has completed hundreds of details for larger fleet vehicles to date. Our technicians understand the differences between passenger vehicles and larger commercial vehicles and the attention to detail that they require. Whether it be a day cab, sleeper cab, or box truck, we have it covered.

Semi Truck Detailing Rochester NY

Not Your Average Detail

The use of Lamborghini's Fortador diesel steamer makes removing tough stains and other residues a breeze for our technicians. Additionally, the use of 20 Bar or 295 PSI steam pressure reduces the need for chemical use during details and leaves behind so mess to clean up.

Semi-truck wash rochester ny
Semi-Truck Detailing Rochester, NY

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ensuring the satisfaction of each customer is extremely important to us. For this reason, a service report is sent by email and text after each detail which includes before & after pictures as well as a 2 question survey on your satisfaction. If there are any issues, we will come back and fix it.



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