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Dirty Burd is on a mission to create the most convenient and trusted car care experience in the areas we serve. To better align with this mission, we are excited to introduce our Monthly Membership Program.

It is no secret that the monthly car wash plans are very popular where we live. However, the monthly car wash plans are missing one very important feature. THE INTERIOR!

Monthly Members of Dirty Burd are able to pay a low, monthly rate for a recurring deep clean of the interior of their vehicles. Unlike the car wash, our technicians fly to you at home or work.



Dirty Burd Detailing


Choose a pricing plan that works for you


Register online and choose the best days and times for your recurring service


You will receive appointment reminder emails and texts leading up to each service.


You can reschedule services or cancel your membership at any time.

Montly Member Get Stated



How do I cancel my membership?
Monthly members can cancel their membership at any time. To cancel, navigate to our website and at the very bottom of every page, there is a "Cancel Membership" link. Follow this link to cancel your membership. From here, our team will reach out to your directly by email to confirm your membership is cancelled.
I am charged extra to cancel?
Since the membership plan is paid monthly and is heavily discounted, we encourage members to keep their plan for at least the first year. Should you decide to cancel your membership before the first year, there is no cancellation fee of any kind. However, we do ask, that you pay the remaining balance of the services provided. After the first year, you are able to cancel at any time at no charge whatsoever.

For instance. Let's say you choose the Quarterly plan, which is $50 per month for a car/sedan. You get your initial detail performed in the first month and then decide to cancel after the second month.  The math would equate as follows:
Initial Service (list price): $150
Paid to Date: $100

Amount due upon cancellation: $50
How does scheduling work?
During the online sign-up process, we ask all the questions we need to create a recurring schedule for you. This includes what days and times of day are you typically available. Once we receive your submission, you will receive an email from our team showing all appointment dates and times for the year. If any date does not work, you can simply login to your account to cancel this appointment or reach out to Leah directly. You will also receive text and email reminders before each appointment.
How can I sign up?
There are two ways to sign up.

1. Choose a vehicle type above, select a plan you'd like to enroll in and register online.
2. Call our office at 585-366-0401 and someone will be happy to help sign you up over the phone.
I forgot when my next appointment is. How can I look it up?
The best way to track your upcoming appointments is by downloading our Dirty Burd Mobile App. From the mobile app you can manage all of your appointments, message your technician, as well as gain access to special coupon codes.
Am I able to share my membership services with someone else from time to time?
When a new member signs up for a membership, our very first appointment consists of a "deep clean" appointment. During this visit we spend around an extra 30% more time on the vehicle than we would on a normal visit. The idea is get the vehicle spotless so that the next visit will not take as much time since in theory it was just deep cleaned 30, 60 or 90 days ago. For this reason, we do not allow members to use services on different vehicles.
My membership only covers interior details. Am I able to add an exterior cleaning from time to time?
Absolutely! Since each visit has a time allotted to complete, we just ask that you call, email or text us to add this service. We can provide you with the additional cost for that day. You can either pay the technician directly for that additional cost or we can charged your card the extra amount for that month.
I only received appointments emails up to the end of the year. Why is that?
Appointment dates and times are preset for one year at a time. You should receive an email in December with the dates and times for your appointments that will occur next year.
I have a question that I do not see in the FAQ's above.
Call us: 585-366-0401
Text us: 585-440-7245
Email us:
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