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What is Ceramic Coating?

Many confuse a ceramic coating with traditional car wax. A ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that creates a chemical bond with the paint's surface. A traditional wax on the other hand simply sits on the top of the paint's surface. With a traditional wax, there is no fusion and no chemical bond. As a result, over a short time period, the wax declines in protection and shine. 

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With a ceramic coating, you never need to wax your vehicle again. With the occasional wash, your vehicle will maintain a deep, rich, glossy finish for years.  

Winter Protection

Ceramic coatings provide numerous protective benefits to coated surfaces. One of the greatest benefits is protection against oxidation and road salt. Ceramic coatings are perhaps at their best value for anyone living in an area with harsh winters and exposure to salt.

Ceramic Coating Rochester
Ceramic Coating Dirty Burd

Water Resistance

By naturally repelling water, oils, and other residues, a ceramic coating creates a self-cleaning effect after rain or being rinsed. 

No More Waxing

Unlike traditional wax, a ceramic coating fuses to your paint's surface and created a chemical bond. Once this occurs, the results are permanent. There is no need to apply wax to your vehicle from then on.

Ceramic Coating Rochester

Unmatched Shine

This is the aesthetics that all car owners love. Once bonded to your paint's surface, the ceramic coating produces a deep, rich shine that lasts.

When it comes to top of the line ceramic coatings, look no further than Adam's Polishes Premium Ceramic Line. Providing a 9H hardness and Patent Pending Ceramic Glow Technology ™, this line produces nothing short of incredible results. ​

Ceramic Adams Polishes

In our humble opinion, Adam's Polishes has taken ​base line of already premiuim and realiable ceramic coatings, and has began to revolutinize the industry. Their new product has been infused with patent-pending Ceramic Glow Technology. This unique feature not only plays the role of an application aid for first-time users but also allows professionals to sharpen their skills with the incredibly thorough application.

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As Rochester's premier mobile detailing service, we understand the importance of 5-star quality work delivered with convenience.


Unlike the traditional detail, a ceramic coating requires a temperature controlled environment and lighting equipment. For this reason, we do not offer this service as part of our "Mobile" offerings. Not to worry, we offer a free concierge service for all ceramic coatings.

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 Ceramic Coating

Detailing Car Fax

All Dirty Burd Detailing services are reported to Carfax. Most people are familiar with accident history and service reports on Carfax. However, there is a significant advantage to including all services performed such as detailing, oil changes, and ceramic coatings in your vehicle's Carfax report. These services show the next buyer that you took great care of the vehicle which could increase the value of your trade-in!


*Please leave a note to opt-out of Carfax reporting when booking your detail.