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  • Can Dirty Burd detail my boat while it is in the water?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot detail boats that are in the water. We must be able to get our detailing van within at least 10 feet of your boat.
  • Do I need to provide water or electricity?
    No way! Our Dirty Burd van comes prepared with water, eletricity as well as all the supplies we need to properly detail your boat.
  • Does Dirty Burd use a special kind of wax?
    The wax we use for your boat is especially designed for boats and is formulated to work with gelcoat in tough marine environments.
  • How long does each detail take?
    Each detail is different and the last thing we want to do is rush through a detail resulting in a less than desirable detail. However, we do have a rough estimate on how long each detail should take. - Burd's Nest (Interior Only) - 2.5 hours for smaller boats and up to 5.5 hours for larger boats - Burd Bath (Exterior Only) - 2.5 hours for smaller boats and up to 5.5 hours for larger boats - Dirty Burd (Interior and Exterior) - 4 hours for smaller boats and up to 7 hours for larger boats
  • Do I have to be there while my boat is being detailed?
    You are not required to be present during the entire detail. We do find it beneficial for boat owners to be available during the start of the detail to point out any areas they'd like our team to focus on. We also like to have boat owners available at the end of the detail to inspect our work and provide feedback. If you are not available in-person, we can FaceTime you!
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